Marie Willings


Apparent Age: late teens
Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth: July 6th, 1985
Age of Awakening: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American Melting Pot
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 155lbs


Marie started off as a member of the Celestial Chorus, but her pagan views made her no friends and she found herself unable to advance… So she started experimenting with other ways to perform Magick. Eventually, she had a breakthrough, and left the Chorus (earning some ire on her way out the door) for the Hermetic Order. The Choristers are still sore, and believe she could’ve been tamed, but Marie is often heard laughing about it to her friends. Her friends are, in essence, the entirety of the Collateral Damage pack, and she’s considered Kinfolk by the Garou to James and Mikkel.

The Hermetic Order loved the coup they got when they “won” Marie, as she had a strange ability to do more vulgar Magick without more severe consequences/Paradox. Her linguistic aptitude made her an asset to House Shaea and she presently attends a few classes per term at Macalester University to further her knowledge of Languages. Already, she’s completely fluent in French, Chinese, Gaelic and Farsi Arabic, with working vocabularies in several related languages.

Her brother and mother, while she doesn’t like talking about them, are acknowledged Changelings, so her blood-connection to the Fae courts earned her the somewhat-reluctantly accepted position as the Chantry’s ambassador to the local Changeling Freeholds. When her relationships with James and Mikkel developed, they decided to double the workload for the Adept instead of taking another mage off their projects and make her the ‘ambassador’ to the Sept of River’s Might on Grey Cloud Island as well. Admittedly, this basically amounts to relaying information through her boyfriends, but it is decidedly better than no communication at all.

Given her strict ethics about how she finds Quintessence, she’s been granted a tower connected to the Freehold of the Crystal River by way of a spiral staircase leading out of the caves. This is a great concession to her, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by her peers at the Chantry.

She is well known for her skill at manipulating the Dreaming, and walking in the dreams of others. Again, her ethics prevent her from “barging in” unless expressly invited, or given permission to enter. It is rumored that the source of her Magick is a sub-realm of the Dreaming itself, which she calls “The Valley”.

Marie Willings

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