Iris's Mentor


Mortal Name: Christyana “Christy” Frank-Sealand
Fae Name: Chrysanthemum
Apparent Age: mid to late 20s
Actual Age: 41
Date of Birth: April 29th, 1970
Hair: Black
Eyes: Eerily Pale Blue
Nationality: Irish-Romani
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130lbs


Christy lives a quiet life in a small house and works at the Downtown St. Paul Library. Her first night working at the library was the night of her Chrysalis, just prior to her twenty-fourth birthday. Since then, she seems to have not aged more than a couple years.

Her house has at least three bedrooms, but one is used as a study while the other two are used by herself and her husband, and her sister-in-law. She’s very old fashioned and favors dark, rich colors, which suit her ghostly complexion well. The closest she comes to a bright color is the occasional dove gray or silver she wears on special occasions.

Christy is married both by Kithain Oath and mortal Law to Aaron Sealand, a Seelie Wilder Troll who is a Knight of the County of the Crystal River. He works as a barrister and bartender at a coffee-house and bar in the Highland area named The Smokey Rose. Aaron’s sister, Amy, knows of their double lives, but is not a Changeling herself.

She has a private library in her basement that she often has High Tea with the local Sluagh. Miss Iris, as Christy calls her when she doesn’t refer to her foster as “Little One”, is a welcome guest, and Christy keeps a stash of Iris’ favorite scones on hand.


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