Nettle and Mistletoe

Minneapolis Downtown Public Library

Some years ago, coincidentally, inspectors of the old Downtown Library discovered cracks in the foundation, which forced a debate in the local government of what to do about it. To fix the foundation would cost as much as to build an entirely new library, so what to do? Due to the influences of a few members of the Minneapolis Chantry, known among the Mages as the Chantry of the Dancing Water, the government elected to build a new library. Further influence ensured that no one noticed the extra sub-levels.

So it came to be that the Chantry of the Dancing Water took up its primary residence in the sub-basements of the Minneapolis Downtown Public Library. It is this chantry that Marie Willings serves as the “ambassador” for. There are several branches in other major metropolitan area libraries (the main sub-branch being at the Downtown St. Paul Public Library), to say nothing of a few notable houses (like the Hill House), but everything goes through the Chantry of the Dancing Water, and every mage, no matter which is closest to their Sanctum, will attend at least one meeting at the Minneapolis location.

It’s a multi-traditional Chantry, which seems to work by way of keeping the traditions separate but equally respected. The Hermetics and the Choristers have recently had a huge split (primarily over Miss Willings), and it’s only the fact that a war would draw too much attention from the Technocracy (to say nothing of Paradox) that keeps them in line at the moment.


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