Nettle and Mistletoe

The Ordway

Oh the Ordway – with it’s two theaters for music and stage, it’s a prime spot in the County of the Crystal River for Glamour… However, it is the one place in her entire County that Countess Anisavallach does not hold any power.

That is because it is a known Shadow Court holding, one that the Countess had to give them in order to keep their machinations out of her Freehold. She does not approve of any venturing there, but cannot legitimately stop any from coming and going.

The hierarchy at the Ordway freehold is unknown to any who stick to the Countess’ Freehold but it’s an extremely sore point for the Countess.

The truce is tenuous at best, and there are some stirrings that forewarn of an outbreak coming soon.


HealerWaterchild HealerWaterchild

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