Nettle and Mistletoe

Barony of the Dancing Lights

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

In Shakopee, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival spans over 22 acres, making it a small Barony, but a Glamour-rich one. Because of it’s relative wealth, Unseelie Baron Sean Findlay (known to his fellow Festies as John “Johnny-Bear” Behr, which is perhaps why he resembles a bear given human form in his Fae Mien) of House Daireann can choose who he aligns himself with, even though his Barony technically owes it’s fealty to the Count of the Crystal Lakes.

Because Count Alistair didn’t actually trust the Baron who’d been installed by his predecessor, Baron Sean felt no guilt over switching his fealty to Countess Anisavallach, which has been just one of many sore points between the two Counties.

The Countess and the Baron get along fairly well, though one would suspect from their interactions a rivalry. However, it never actually seems to be anything more than a friendly one. Relations are very good and sharing subjects (given that the Fair is only open for two months of the year) is common between them.


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