Nettle and Mistletoe

The Heirarchy

You live in the County of the Crystal River, which comprises the St. Paul area and its suburbs. The local Countess, Anisavallach Speardancer, is a Sidhe of House Scathach. Though Unseelie, she’s a fair ruler, known to sympathize with her Commoner vassals (probably because she is of the Scathach that stayed behind during the Interregnum). The two major gathering places in the County are located at the Freehold itself (in Lilydale Park) and the Ordway theater.

The County of Crystal Lakes neighbors the County of the Crystal River and comprises the rest of the Twin Cities metro area. The Count of Crystal Lakes is a Seelie Sidhe of House Eiluned named Alistair Thompson. Relatively little is known about his court in the County of the Crystal River, as Alistair and Anisavallach do not get along. The only known stronghold in that county is located at the Guthrie Theater.

The Counties reside in the Duchy of Lakes, which comprises most of mundane Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Duchy is ruled over by Duke Taranir Goldenwing, also of House Scathach, and is known to yearly make the Oath of Truehearts with Countess Anisavallach.

The overarching realm is the Kingdom of Grass, ruled over by the ever-pragmatic Queen Mary Elizabeth of House Dougal. The radical sentiments expressed by her Duke and Countess may ruffle her proverbial feathers, but she is not unwilling to use every resource at her disposal, and the Duke and Countess curry enough favor from the Commoners that any aggravation is well worth it.


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