Nettle and Mistletoe

County of the Crystal Lakes

The court in Minneapolis, led by Count Alistair of House Eiluned and the Seelie Court, is mostly unknown to those in the County of the Crystal River. Only the major holding is known; the freehold located in the Guthrie Theater.

Members of the freehold hold positions in the theater, or give lessons in music in practice rooms there. Because of the theater and concert hall, the Guthrie is a prime locale for Changelings.

Count Alistair and Countess Anisavallach are known to not get along and frequently exchange insults. Their respective messengers are often abused verbally for delivering their missives. To say relations are not good is an understatement. Even when Duke Taranir tries to mediate between the two, Count Alistair rails about the Duke’s bias and negotiations go nowhere. Any attempts to get Queen Mary Elizabeth to intervene fall on deaf ears, as the Queen refuses to meddle in something so frivolous as a petty rivalry between Counts.


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