Nettle and Mistletoe

Allies - Marie Willings

When Marie first arrived at the Freehold of the Crystal River, her reception was cold. After all, this was a will-worker, one who could drain the freehold of it’s Glamour and destroy it in the process. On top of this, her mother and brother were known and ranking members at the freehold in the Ordway, the family resemblance too much to mistake.

However, after talks improved the relations between the Freehold and the Chantry located beneath the Minneapolis Downtown Library, she was slowly allowed more privileges. Eventually, this lead to a spot on the Countess’ private council and her own tower Sanctum attached to the Freehold.

She advises the Countess primarily on Occult matters, and how the Chantry can help the Freehold or vice versa. Beyond this, she’s a skilled Oneiromancer, working most of her Magick while in a dream-like meditative state, and walking in the dreams of others so as to better interpret them. When the Duke is unavailable at a Saining, it is, in fact, Marie who performs the ritual to find the Changeling’s True Name.


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