Nettle and Mistletoe

Allies - Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage is a pack of Garou from Sept of River’s Might bound by the spirit, Twister. This pack is the sept’s war pack, but also the pack designated to deal with any problems the Changeling Courts have. This is because they picked up Saffir “Glór ar Sí” as a member, and her duties revolve around helping the Fae deal with problems.

The alpha of the pack is an adren Fianna Galliard named Mikkel “Dueling Crescendo”, who is, with Saffir, a member of the tribal camp that deals with the fae, the Tuatha de Fionn. His beta is an adren Get of Fenris Metis Ahroun named “Captain Hammer”. Other pack members are ’74 Gremlin “Driver Miss Daisy” (a.k.a. “Driver”, a fostern Bone Gnawer Theurge), Gremlin “Ride-Crasher” (a.k.a. “Crasher”, an adren Bone Gnawer Ragabash), and James Carnegie “Painful Truth”(a fostern Silver Fang Philodox).

Mikkel and James are well known at the Freehold of the Crystal River for their close relationship with each other, and with Marie, and are often with Saffir for training the more advanced combat students.


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